Pelvis X-Ray

1)      What is pelvis x-ray?

  1. The pelvis connects the legs to the body. A pelvis x-ray takes images of the bones surrounding the hip area. This examination is utilized to detect fractures, tumors, or degenerative conditions of the bones in the hips, pelvis, and upper legs.


2)      What happens during a pelvis x-ray?

  1. A hospital radiology department or the health care provider’s office performs pelvis x-rays by an x-ray technician. First, you will lie on the x-ray table. Then, images will be taken with the body repositioned to provide different views.


3)      What should I do to prepare for pelvis x-ray?

  1. To prepare for the examination, remove all jewelry. You may also be asked to wear a hospital gown. If not, please wear loose-fitting clothes for the scan. Additionally, please inform your health care provider if you are pregnant or are suspecting pregnancy.


4)      What are the risks? Are there any after effects?

  1. The only risk of a pelvis x-ray is the low radiation exposure, of which pregnant women and children are more sensitive to.


5)      What happens with the pelvis x-ray scan results?

  1. If results are abnormal, this suggests pelvic fractures, tumors of the pelvis’ bones, inflammation of the area where the sacrum joins the ilium bone (sacroilitis), or ankylosing spondylitis.

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