The MRI Experience – Revised

By Elizabeth Meier

The term “getting an MRI” does not generally promote a warm, fuzzy feeling… in anyone. In fact, for me, the phrase has always conjured up images of a large metal tube you are being sandwiched by, while the sound of jackhammers reverberates throughout your head. I have never been excited at the prospect of having to go to the Doctor for anything, really.

However, lately I had to go in for an MRI. I dragged a family member with me, in case my slight issue with claustrophobia reared its head. I went to an imaging center that my work (MRI Scan Group) referred me to, since they are able to get such low pricing. I was pleasantly surprised…  The center had asked me to bring in my iPod if I had one, so they could play my own music on their MRI Stereo Sound System as I got the procedure done. I wore a comfy set of headphones, and began to “zen” out on the patient table to the smooth sounds of Bob Marley drifting through the MRI room. The technologist was friendly, and I felt a lot safer knowing everything was on camera – called the Safety And Motion Monitoring (SAMM) systems. This was to make sure  the technologist could see me at all times, and communicate with me. If she saw panic in my eyes, she could speak to me right where I was, and calm me down if needed. Thankfully, I was cool as a cucumber.

In addition to a clean bill of health, I appreciated the new revised image that I could now associate with “getting an MRI” – which was much less like a Dr. Frankenstien movie than I originally thought. It also made me happy about where I work (and the service I used for scheduling my MRI) since MRI Scan Group is able to help so many patients find discounted, affordable diagnostic imaging for those who either don’t have insurance, or can’t afford theirs.  All in all, I ended the day with a warm, fuzzy feeling.


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